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  Most people change jobs several times during their working years. Some of these changes are voluntary, but some are forced by circumstances beyond their control. These changes represent a "turning point" in a person's life and demand careful consideration and intelligent action. Whatever decisions are made can have long-term consequences for the person and their family as well.

A major problem faced by job seekers is inexperience in the task of job hunting. They seek out the published job market where the least desirable jobs are and where there is the most competition. That portion of the job market that is unpublished has been dubbed "The Hidden Job Market". It is not really hidden, most job seekers just don't know how or where to look for it. The job seeker that is currently employed is faced with the additional difficulties of finding the time to conduct a proper search and protecting his confidentiality during the process.

Employers likewise find that the task of identifying and recruiting human resources to satisfy their needs is a difficult task. Too many unknown and unqualified people answer ads. The talented and most desired professionals are not in the published people market. They too, are “hidden”!
  Fred H. Paar
Fred H. Paar, Principal Consultant
Fred Paar established Paar & Associates in 1982 to 
assist companies and individuals that were in need of professional assistance in using the “hidden job/(or people) market”. Mr. Paar's background includes thirty years experience in the Employment industry: in Human Resources management; Executive Search; Career Management Counseling; and Outplacement consulting.

  “At Paar & Associates my first concern is to determine each client's needs. I do not propose the same solution for every situation. Each client's needs are carefully analyzed and evaluated, then a comprehensive program is designed to meet specific goals.”

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