Executive's Agent Services

  Read further if you…………
  • require contacts at the decision maker level?
  • could benefit from a professional presentation?
  • need to protect confidentiality?
  • have little time to network and job search?
  • are seeking a position in a different geographical area?
  • hate to job search alone?

What is an Executive's Agent ?

When companies' use an outside service to search for locating and recruiting key professional and management staff the service is called "Executive Search". The term "Executive's Agent" refers to the service provided to individuals that are seeking a new career position.

Executive's Agent services includes consulting of an individualized nature, research to identify prospective employers and direct representation to decision makers to match the client to a need in a targeted company.

The client that is currently employed receives the confidentiality required and a professional executive's agent working on his/her behalf while the client continues to perform their current responsibilities.

An unemployed client receives professional services that provide a faster and higher level of success.

The three steps of Focus, Communications and Contacts are implemented for each client. The job seeker must identify what his value in the job market is, and identify who needs him. This is "focus", the first step. Then, the next step is to communicate this to the "decision-makers" that have a need that is a match for the job seeker's value. The language used must reflect your compatibility with the targeted industries and companies. Therefore, the materials like letters, resumes or profiles must also demonstrate this compatibility. The third step is making the right contacts.

The "Executive's Agent", by making direct contacts to decision makers, can identify senior level staffing needs that have not been published, and a "third-party" referral of the job seeker can be accomplished in a professional environment.

Executive's Agent / Professional Services Program

Executive's Agent / Professional services provided by Paar & Associates include: individualized consulting, materials development, research assistance and direct contacts made to decision makers in industries/companies where corporate "needs" can be identified. Individualized consulting and placement services include:

Personal representation and direct marketing:

  • Conduct research to identify specific companies and contact persons.
  • Make third party (agent) contacts for the client to facilitate direct contacts, interviews or referrals to additional contacts.
  • Make third party (agent) presentations to company officers for the client to create a positive impression and an interest in the client's capabilities and value to the company.

Individualized consulting:

  • Evaluation and Focus of career objectives and options.
  • Personal Marketing and Planning to identify qualifications, and viable industries.
  • Development of resume(s) or profile(s) to provide the best presentation.
  • Interview preparation, personal presentation, interview evaluation and proper follow-up.
  • Offer Assessment and compensation negotiation preparation.

The Executive's Agent / Professional Services Programs are designed to identify a new career position within six months. A retainer is required, and will be credited toward a total fee that is contingent on the client accepting a new position. The fee balance is the responsibility of the client. However, if the hiring company pays a fee (of equal or greater amount) no additional fee will be required of the client. Methods of payment of the fee balance include a provision for monthly payments.

Specific retainer and fee requirements will be made to appropriate candidates following a no cost personal interview. 

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