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Published in the Orange County Register, Sunday, October 1, 1995

“Focus, communications, contacts are vital”
3-step procedure connects with decision-makers

By Fred H. Paar
     President, Paar & Associates

Searching for a new career position is a much more difficult task than it was just a few years ago. For executives, managers and other professionals the "supply and demand" is no longer in their favor as it was in the '70s and '80s. Today, each person that is seeking a new position or industry / career change is facing stiff competition from other job seekers. To separate himself from the competition job seekers must identify what his value in the job market is, and identify who needs him. This is Focus, the first of three career matching steps.

The second step is Communications. One must be able to relay his value to prospective employers. The language used must reflect your compatibility with the targeted industries and companies. Therefore, the materials like letters, resumes or profiles must also demonstrate this compatibility.

No one has ever been hired based on his resume alone, but everyday thousands are being rejected because of incompatible information provided to a prospective employer by job seekers! Don't write your career marketing materials for the "gate-keepers". Instead prepare information that will be of interest to the real decision-makers.

The third step is Contacts. Developing and using proper research and effective methods of introduction is critical. It has been said that "who you know" and "being in the right place at the right time" are what will get you the job you want. So, what can you do to make these things happen?

The third-party contact is the most effective marketing approach to potential employers. At Paar & Associates, the first concern is to determine what assistance each client requires. The needs are carefully analyzed and evaluated, and an individualized program is designed to meet specific goals.

As an Executive Search Consultant (Headhunter), in the past I would represent companies and recruit key personnel that they specifically retained me to find. Today, by using the contact capabilities of an executive search firm, I help serious minded job seekers find the right company.

Now as "An Executive's Agent", by making direct contacts to decision makers, staffing needs that have not been published can be identified and a "third-party" referral of the client jobseeker can be effectively made.

The third-party approach is what many job seekers try to obtain through networking. The problem however, is that the network of most job seekers is small, and it is made up of people from where they use to be, not were they want to go.

The network that is important is the network of the decision-makers in companies. It is this network that must be tapped into for those better positions in the unpublished job market.

The services at Paar & Associates are not just another outplacement program of seminars, coaching, and letter writing. Instead, this unique service for the job seeker, provides a professional to make direct contacts by on behalf of the client job seeker.

Combined with other proven career search marketing techniques an individualized plan for a successful campaign is designed and supported with professional consulting to prepare and deliver all three necessary steps.

Mr. Paar's background encompasses 25 years experience in the employment industry: in human resources management; executive search and placement, and career marketing counseling.

Paar & Associates accepts job seeker clients that possess marketable skills and a sense of urgency to find a real career employment opportunity. To effect a career transition, to gain upward mobility, and to maintain search confidentiality are commonly held reasons for executives, managers or other professionals to retain Paar & Associates.

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