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Published in the Orange County Register, Sunday, December 6, 1996

“Paar sees holidays as job-hunting season”

By Fred H. Paar
     President, Paar & Associates

Most job seekers assume that searching for a new position during the holiday season is a waste of time.

Actually, November and December is a very important time to intensify your search for a new career position.

The belief that the holiday season is a poor time to look for a new position is because the obvious signs of hiring; such as newspaper ads, agency activity and activity of most personnel departments, slow down during this time. Many companies actually close for a week or more.

However, behind the visible signs of employment activity (or lack of) the decision-makers of these companies are making plans for the new year. They are thinking about what kind of people that they will need to implement and carry out these plans with the most success. Will they be needing professionals in engineering ... manufacturing ... sales ... administration ... operations ... ?

The increase in hiring in January and February are the results of these plans. This is also when there is the most competition for the new positions because most people wait until January to begin their search. Wouldn't it be better to make the contacts before there is heavy competition, when the plans and needs are being formulated ? This is the reason that marketing your professional value in the "hidden job market" during the holiday season can gain the best results in your search for your next career opportunity.

I can recall past clients relating positive interviewing experiences including; interviewing at a restaurant or hotel room because the company was closed for the holidays; or being invited back to the company office party on December 24th.

If you are serious about finding a new career position, don't take a vacation during the holiday season. Make contacts now where your special skills and talents will be needed next year.


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