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Excerpt from "A Workbook for the Serious Job Seeker"
by Fred H. Paar

“Surfing the Net for Jobs”

The Internet is the best of the job seeking tools. What did we ever do before we had it? Any serious job search today MUST include the intelligent use of the Internet. The benefits of the Internet are in its vast access to information and the speed with which it can find and transmit information. The pitfall is that many job seekers expect miracles and do not use this tool to its full potential.

Find "Spot Opportunities"

Just by entering a few key words identifying the product or service of your industry your web browser will locate hundreds of interesting websites and articles for you to peruse. Compile a list of “favorite sites”. Find as many industry associations and interest groups as possible. Serious job-seekers should search those sites for names and informational articles to update themselves with the current buzz. You may need to join some of these organizations. Many business journals and major newspapers have their own websites as well.

Identify specific companies and key contact persons by using a variety of company identifying databases the job seeker no longer has to rely on going to the library to do research from volumes of directories. The info found online is also more likely to be up to date. Most browsers will suggest company or business listings and check out the websites for the industry association that fits your search targets. A good website to try for public companies nationwide is Hoover's Online (www.

Review job openings: Ads, postings on company web-sites or on executive job search sites

A person can get lost in all of the jobs posted on the Internet. So you must be smart in using this aspect of the Internet tool. First of all, remember the jobs posted on the Internet are PUBLISHED! Just like classified ads. You will be dealing with the gate-keepers, so follow the procedures suggested in this chapter concerning making contacts and follow-ups. Review the postings on the web sites of the companies that you are most interested in and submit your resume. Postings by Executive Recruiters and many other companies can be found and selected other sites.

Good membership executive job listing sites include:

The Ladders

Some other sites are:

Non-executives may look at:

Also look for industry specific sites like:

Technology Careers
Energy Careers
Defense Careers


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